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Feastday: August 19

Patron against cold and cold weather; Nuremberg; Bavaria
Died: 770

Saint Sebald was a hermit, missionary and a saint. He is the patron saint of Nuremberg. Although his exact ancestory is not known, he is most likely an Anglo-Saxon from England. He arrived on the Continent and became a hermit near Vicenza, Italy, and then participated in the missionary enterprise of the times, assisting in the work. of St. Willibald in the Reichswald. Many miracles were attributed to him, including turning icicles into firewood.

The earliest existence of his cult can be dated to the late eleventh century, with a passing reference under the year 1072 in the chronicle of Lambert of Hersfeld. In 1255, he became the co-patron, with Saint Peter, of the newly rebuilt parochial church, where his tomb was venerated.

On March 26, 1425 he was formally canonized by Pope Martin V, following a request by the Council of Nuremberg. The feast day of St Sebaldus is August 19 appeared, and many children born in that city bore the saint’s name. T

he relics of the saint were translated in 1397 to the new choir of the church of Saint Sebaldus, and every year his relics were carried in procession. The kings and emperors of Germany, when in Nuremberg, customarily prayed before his reliquary.





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