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St. Louise de Marillac

Feastday: March 15

Death: 1660

Saint Louise de Marillac was born probably at Ferrieres-en-Brie near Meux, France, on August 12, 1591. She was educated by the Dominican nuns at Poissy.

She desired to become a nun but on the advice of her confessor, she married Antony LeGras, an official in the Queen’s service, in 1613.

After Antony’s death in 1625, she met St. Vincent de Paul, who became her spiritual adviser. She devoted the rest of her life to working with him. She helped direct his Ladies of Charity in their work of caring for the sick, the poor, and the neglected.

In 1633 she set up a training center, of which she was Directress in her own home, for candidates seeking to help in her work. This was the beginning of the Sisters (or Daughters, as Vincent preferred) of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul (though it was not formally approved until 1655).

She took her vows in 1634 and attracted great numbers of candidates.She traveled all over France establishing her Sisters in hospitals, orphanages, and other institutions. By the time of her death in Paris on March 15, the Congregation had more than forty houses in France.

She was canonized by Pope Pius XI in 1934, and was declared Patroness of Social Workers by Pope John XXIII in 1960. Her feast day is March 15th.


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St. Agnes of BohemiaFeastday: March 2

Died: 1282
Canonized By: Pope John Paul II

Saint Agnes (also called Agnes of Prague) was born in 1200 in Prague to King Ottocar and Queen Constance of Hungary. She is a relative of St. Elizabethin. She is known as a princess, abbess and a miracle worker.

As a child Saint Agnes was educated in the Cistercian convent of Treinitz and was betrothed to Emperor Frederick II of Germany. She refused this marriage, which angered Frederick, but in time he came to understand her decision, remarking: “If she had left me for a mortal man, I would have taken vengeance with the sword, but I cannot take offense because in preference to me she has chosen the King of Heaven.”

Agnes became a Poor Clare, the Franciscan cloistered order, entering the monastery of St. Savior in Prague,which she had founded. During her religious life, Agnes was gifted by miracles. She predicted the victory of her brother Wenceslaus over the duke of Austria.

She founded the Hospital of St Francis and two friaries for the Franciscan friars. She also built a monastery attached to the hospital. She herself became a member of the Franciscan Poor Clares in 1236. As a nun, she cooked for and took care of the lepers and paupers personally.

Agnes lived out her life in the enclosure, leading the monastery as Abbess, until her death on 2 March 1282. She was canonized in 1989 by Pope John Paul II.

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Feastday: August 25

St. Patricia according to legend, was of a noble and perhaps royal family in Constantinople. She fled to Italy to escape marriage arranged for her and became a nun. She then went to Rome and became a virgin consecrated to God. There she received the veil from Pope Liberius.

She returned to constantinople after the death of her father and distributed her wealth to the poor, and then went back to Italy. She planned to go to Jerusalem on a pilgrimage but died before she could do that in Naples.

She is a patron of Naples where it is believed that a vial filled with her blood reportedly liquefies thirteen hundred years after her death. Her feast day is celebrated on August 25.




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