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Feastday: March 9

Died: 705

From catholic.org

Saint Bosa was a Benedictine monk at Whitby, England in a monastery ruled by St. Hilda. In 678, he was consecrated a bishop by St. Theodore.

He was involved in St. Wilfrid’s refusal to accept the division of the see of York. Saint Bosa became the bishop in 691, when Wilfrid was exiled by King Aldfrid.

St. Bede called Bosa a man of unusual merit and sanctity, “a man beloved of God.”


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St. Catherine of BolognaFeastday: March 9

Patron of Artists
Died: 1463

St. Catherine of Bologna was born in 1413. She was the daughter of a diplomatic agent of the Marquis of Ferrara. She was appointed as the maid of honor to the daughter of Marquis when she was eleven. This helped her gain training and education along with the princess. When the daughter eventually married, she wanted Catherine to remain in her service, but Catherine left the court and became a Franciscan Tertiary at the age of fourteen.

Catherine had determined to live a life of perfection, and was admired by her companions for her holiness. Eventually her Community became part of the Poor Clares. She soon began to experience visions of Christ and Satan, and wrote of her experiences, one of which occurred on Christmas.

She became the Superioress of the Poor Clare convent at Ferrara through her efforts. The reputation of the Community for its holiness and austerity became widespread. She then was appointed Superioress of a new convent in Bologna.

In Lent of 1463, Catherine became seriously ill, and died on March 9th. Buried without a coffin, her body was exhumed eighteen days later because of cures attributed to her and also because of the sweet scent coming from her grave. Her body was found to be incorrupt and remains so today in the Church of the Poor Clare convent in Bologna. She was canonized in 1712.

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