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St. JuliusFeastday: April 12

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Saint Julius was the son of a Roman named Rusticus. He was elected Pope to succeed Pope St. Mark on February 6, 337. He was soon involved in the Arian controversy when Eusebius of Nicomedia opposed the return of Athanasius to the See of Alexandria in 338. Eusebius and his followers elected George, whereupon the Arians elected Pistus.

Saint Julius convened a synod in Rome in 340 or 341 that neither group attended, and in a letter to the Eusebian bishops, Julius declared that Athanasius was the rightful bishop of Alexandria and reinstated him. The matter was not finally settled until the Council of Sardica (Sofia), summoned by emperors Constans and Constantius in 342 or 343, declared Julius’ action correct and that any deposed bishop had the right of appeal to the Pope in Rome.

Saint Julius built several basilicas and churches in Rome and died there on April 12.


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Feastday: July 7

Pantaenus was a stoic philosopher perhaps from Sicily. He was a Christian theologian and a significant figure in the Catechetical School of Alexandria from around AD 180. He became head of the catechetical school at Alexandria, Egypt, which he built into a leading center of learning.

According to Eusebius, it was reported that Pantaenus had been a missionary in Ethiopia and there had met Christians who claimed to have received St. Matthew’s gospel in Hebrew from St. Bartholomew.

St. Pantaenus converted to the Christian faith, and sought to reconcile his new faith with Greek philosophy. His most famous student, Clement, who was his successor as head of the Catechetical School.

His feast day is July 7th.

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