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St. Sixtus IFeastday: April 6

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Not much is known about Pope Saint Sixtus.
St Sixtus was a Roman whose name suggests he was of Greek descent, Pope/St. Sixtus led the Roman see during the reign of Hadrian. The probable dates of Sixtus’ papacy are c.115 – c.125. Legends say he was a martyr, but modern scholars think martyrdom during a time when persecution had ceased unlikely.


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St. Celestine IFeastday: April 6

Pope/Saint Celestine I was the founder of the papal diplomatic service. He was a Roman born in the region of Campania. Not much is known about his early life. He is said to have lived for a time at Milan with St. Ambrose. He served as a deacon under Innocent I.

He was elected pope in 422 after which he confiscated the property of Novationite churches and restored a basilica in St. Mary Travestere after it had been damaged in Alaric’s sack of Rome. Although Celestine confirmed the appointment of Nestorius to the see of Constantinople, the pope opposed Nestorius’ teachings and supported Cyril of Alexandria in the conflict between the two patriarchs. Celestine also combatted Pelagianism and semi-Pelagianism in southern Gaul and in England. He is supposed to have sent Palladius to evangelize Ireland in 431.

Celestine died in the following year on 26 July 432 and was buried in the cemetary of Priscilla but his body, subsequently moved, now lies in the Basilica di Santa Prassede.

In art, Saint Celestine is portrayed as a Pope with a dove, dragon, and flame, and is recognized by the Church as a saint.

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