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St. Theodora

St. TheodoraFeastday: April 28

Very little is known about Saint Throdora. There is a pious fiction according to which Theodora, a beautiful Christian girl of Alexandria.

She was sentenced to a brothel during the persecution of Christians under Emperor Diocletian when she refused to sacrifice to the gods. She fell dead when she was rescued by Didymus.

Later when Didymus’ act was discovered, he was beheaded. Her feast day is April 28th.


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Feastday: April 28

Patron of Thibodaux, Louisiana; invoked for protection from storms and floods; Seregno, Italy

Valerie is a derivative of Valeria. St. Valeria was an early martyr. She shares her feast day along with her husband St Vitalis, who according to legend, was a soldier who, when the physician St. Ursicinus of Ravenna wavered when faced with death for Christ, encouraged him to stand firm.

The governor accordingly ordered Vitalis to be racked and then buried alive, which was done. His wife, St. Valeria, was set upon by pagans near Milan and died from their brutal treatment. These things are said to have happened during the persecution under Nero, but the second century, under Marcus Aurelius, is a more likely date for their martyrdom.

She was martyred for burying Christian martyrs, and then refusing to sacrifice to the Roman gods. It is said she was from a noble family, and at an early age was baptised. The reigning Pope had commanded the priests of the area to organize nine decurias, each consisting of five men and five virgins. Their duty was to gather the corpses of Christians who had been martyred in the Coliseum (Flavian Amphitheatre) and other places of martyrdom the preceding day.

Their feast day is April 28th.

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