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St. ThomaisFeastday: April 14

Died: 476

Saint Thomais was an Egyptian martyr who was born and brought up in Alexandria. At fifteen she married a fisherman and moved to live with his family. She was an ardent Christian who was murdered by her father-in-law for refusing his unwanted and illicit attentions.

One day when her husband had went out fishing, her father-in-law tried to lead her into temptation out of lust for her. When she refused him with the teachings of the Bible, he threatened to cut her head off which she accepted willfully refusing to stay away from God’s teachings.

She was burried in a tomb in the monastries cememtry at the instruction of Saint Daniel of Skete. She is prayed to for deliverance from sexual impurity and to avoid temptations and lust.


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Feastday: April 14

Patron of sickness; chronically ill, ice skaters, town of Schiedam

1380 – 1433

Saint Lidwina (Lydwine, Lydwid, Lidwid, Liduina of Schiedam) (March 18, 1380 – Schiedam, April 14, 1433) is a Dutch saint. She is the patroness of sickness. Lydwine was born at Schiedam, Holland, one of nine children of a working man. After an injury in her youth, she became bedridden and suffered the rest of her life from various illnesses and diseases.

Lydwine suffered a fall while ice skating in 1396, when a friend collided with her and caused her to break a rib on the right side. From this injury, she never recovered. An abscess formed inside her body which later burst and caused Lydwine extreme suffering. Eventually, she was to suffer a series of mysterious illnesses. Lydwine heroically accepted her plight as the will of God and offered up her sufferings for the sins of humanity. Some of the illnesses which affected Lydwine were headaches, vomiting, fever, thirst, bedsores, toothaches, spasms of the muscles, blindness, neuritis and the stigmata.

She experienced mystical gifts, including supernatural visions of heaven, hell, purgatory, apparitions of Christ, and the stigmata. After her fall, Lidwina fasted continuously and acquired fame as a healer and holy woman.

Thomas à Kempis wrote a biography of her. Lidwina’s grave became a place of pilgrimage after her death and in 1434, a chapel was built over it. Thomas à Kempis’s publication caused an increase in veneration. In 1615 her relics were taken to Brussels, but in 1871 they were returned to Schiedam. On 14 March 1890, Pope Leo XIII officially canonised Lidwina. She is the patron saint of ice skaters and the chronically ill, as well as the patron saint of the town of Schiedam. Her feast day occurs on 18 March, 14 April, or 14 June, depending on region and tradition.

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