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St. Alexander AkimetesFeastday: February 23

Died: 403

Saint Alexander Akimetes was a monk, hermit and founder of religious houses. He was born in Asia Minor and studied in Constantinople. There he became a convert to Christianity and began a life of retreat and prayer.

Saint Alexander remained a hermit for eleven years in Syria and then started missionary work. He founded a monastery in Mesopotamia and another one in Constantinople.

He visited Antioch but found opposition there, which forced him to leave Constantinople and go to Gomon, where he founded a monastery.

Alexander is believed to have converted Rabulas, who became the bishop of Edessa. Alexander is also credited with initiating the liturgical service in which his four-hundred monks sang the Divine Office continuously day and night.

He died in Gomon.His feast day is June 17 in the Eastern Orthodox and Byzantine Catholic Churches.


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