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St. AnysiaFeastday: December 30

284 – 304

Saint Anysia was a Virgin and Martyr. She was born in Greece to a wealthy family of Salonika, in Thessaly. She dedicated herself to vows of chastity and poverty, praying and helping the poor. She used her personal funds to aid the poor.

According to ancient legend – a soldier accosted her in the street and tried to drag her to a pagan sacrifice. Anysia resisted and was killed when the soldier attacked her with his sword.


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Feastday: December 29

Died: 664

Saint Aileran was a monk, biographer and a distinguished scholar – also called Sapiens the Wise. Aileran was one of the most distinguished professors at the school of Clonard in Ireland.

St. Finian welcomed Aileran to Clonard. In 650, Aileran became rector of Clonard, and was recognized as a classical scholar and a master of Latin and Greek.

Some of his famous works involved writing about – The Fourth Life of St. Patrick, a Latin-Irish Litany and The Lives of St. Brigid and St. Fechin of Fore. His last work was a treatise on the genealogy of Christ according to St. Matthew. A fragment of another of Aileran’s works has survived: A Short Moral Explanation of the Sacred Names. Scholarly institutions across Europe read this work aloud annually.

Aileran died from the Yellow Plague. His death on December 29, 664 is chronicled in the Annals of Ulster.

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St. VictoriaFeastday: December 23

Died: 304

A lot of female saints in the early days were tortured and killed because they refused to get married and wanted to be a virgin. St Victoria is one of them.

It is known that she along with her sister Anatolia refused to seek suitors. As a result both of them were imprisoned and starved by their suitors but persisted in refusing marriage.

Anatolia was converted to Christianity and converted many in Picenum before being denounced for her faith, for which she was tortured and executed at Thora on Lake Velino in Italy.

When Victoria refused to sacrifice to pagan gods, she too was executed, perhaps at Tribulano. The guard was converted by their example and was also martyred.

Feast day is December 23rd.

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Feastday: December 22

Died: 866

Very little is known about saints born today. I picked Saint Hunger because out of the saints celebrating their feast today, i could get some information only about him.

Saint Hunger also known as Hungerus was the Bishop of Utrech, Germany. He was appointed the Bishop when he was a Canon because the person who was offered the seat did not take it fearing being attached by the Vikings.

St Hunger had a peacful relation with the Vikings for the first few years after which problems began to emerge and he had to fled with his entire clergy to Saint-Odiliënberg.

Later in 858, King Lothair II made a monastery for them. He was known as a godly man.

Hunger died in Prüm in Germany. His feast day is 22 December

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St. AdelaideFeastday: December 16

Patron of abuse victims, brides, empresses, exiles, in-law problems, parenthood,  parents of large families, princesses, prisoners, second marriages, step-parents, widows
931 – 999

Saint Adelaide was born in 931 in Burgandy,Italy. She was married at the age of 15 to Lothair of Italy to whom her father had engaged her when she was two. When Lothair died three years later, his successor Berengar of Ivrea imprisoned Adelaide and attempted to force her to marry his son.

Legends tells us that she escaped to Canossa, where she appealed to Otto of Germany for help. He then conquered Italy and married her in 951. After Otto’s death in 973, Adelaide quarrelled with Otto II her son, possibly at the instigation of her daughter-in-law, Theophano, and lived with her brother in Burgandy.

She established many monasteries and churches there and became interested in evangelism. She and her son reconciled before his death in 983, and she became a governing council for her grandson, Otto III after her son’s death.

Adelaide later died in 999 at the convert at Seltz, which she had founded. Cluny became the center of her cult. She was canonized in 1097.

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St. Maria Crocifissa Di RosaFeastday: December 15

Died: 1855

Paula Frances Mary di Rosa was born on November 6, 1813, at Brescia, Italy. Educated by the Visitandine nuns, she left school at the age of seventeen to manage her widowed father’s household.

Mary was not interested in marriage since she was attracted to the convent. She took care of the spiritual needs of young girls working in her father’s mills, and she volunteered to work in the Brescia hospital during the 1836 cholera epidemic.

Later, she founded a home for girls and a school for deaf mutes.

In 1840, her spiritual director made her Superior of a group of religious who cared for the sick. She took the religious name Mary Crucifixa because of her devotion to the Cruficied Christ.

Called the HANDMAIDS OF CHARITY OF BRESCIA, her group was approved by the bishop of Brescia in 1843, and Papal approval was granted in 1850. Mary died at Brescia in 1855 and was canonized by Pope Pius XII in 1954.

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CastleDale | Words Of Inspiration

Today is the feast of our lady of Guadalupe. For those who are not familiar with Our Lady of Guadalupe – she is the patroness of the Americas. A lay man had sighted her in Mexico where she asked him to build a church. I won’t go into the details but for those who would like to read more about it, here is the wiki link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Our_Lady_of_Guadalupe. I would like to dedicate this post to Our Lady. Although I don’t intend to prophesize about religion in this post, but I do want to bring out a few things about Mother Mary that changed my life.

1. Symbol of Purity: According to the scriptures, she was born without any sin. We come across lots of temptations during our life – Be it cheating, stealing, lying or anything bigger. Her life inspires me to lead a pure and meaningful life…

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